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— by concerned retiree concerned retiree
Once again Douglas McCarron, president of the Carpenters union, has instructed his delegate minions to undermine journeyman carpenters, and the heart of the union, by their ratification of a Management created contract. His process of destroying the union continues.  In his 20 years plus as the President of the UBC,  Mr. McCarron has decimated every pro democracy union concept within his grasp. By controlling the union through his paid staff, with substantive voting rights taken away from the Rank and file workers who financially support this union, Mr. McCarron has eviscerated union democracy.

          Will the Rank and File ever rise up before this process destroys the United Brotherhood of Carpenters ?  And its pension and benefits program ?  Only time will tell....

     Management created contracts are a violation of Labor Law. When will this movement  by the contractors to dominate the union be halted ? It is very near completion. As New York City goes, so will the nation in relation to the union model. There is a section of the National Labor Relations Act that speaks specifically to labor unions being dominated by employers. Our elected congressional representatives should be put on notice that enforcement of these statutes must be applied to prevent the domination and destruction of our union by representatives in sheep's clothing.