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Hey Marshmallow man. You did not post these threats in a public forum
— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
What lawyer did you run this by.Dumb ass Murphy

I would be interested to see what the courts have to say about your threats

What about these threats..If you wildcat the Carpenters say you will be fired??So are they saying in a public forum the Carpenters will tell your employer to fire you and the employer must comply. What are the legal ramifications if an employer did comply.Did they really post this in a public medium. Are they this stupid.Or just ignorant arrogant a....holes.."You will lose all protections under the NLRA". So says who??The UBC?? FU.I would sue these a...holes just for this. So I wonder how many contributions a "go fund me page" for legal fees for these members would get. I am sure the Unions enemies would big big contributors just to say I told you so.

    Hey UBC.You spinless punks want to make threats how about this "US workers can formally request that the National Labor Relations Board end their association with their labor union, if they feel that the union is not adequately representing their interests. At this point, any strike action taken by the workers may be termed a wildcat strike, but there is no illegality involved, as there is no longer a conflict between sections 7 and 9(a) of the NLRA". Look at the 2018 West Virginia teachers Strike when their Union tried to sell them out. They had state law hanging over their heads. What do UBC members in NYC have to fear a tub of shyte and McCarron hand picked whore named Joe Gieger.Scary..

I am curious. Does Dirty Doug call all you EST bitches his man whores??