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— by Steward Steward
I am well aware we are exposed to asbestos,lead paint on the job,matter fact,all trades are exposed to thrse conditions at the post office,near pennPstation,they make workers wear respirator,with no full proof they are safe,again I feel I had to bring this up,because,this job,And I'm sure other jobs workers are exposed to these conditions,its unacceptable,and something should be done about it,i know we could call building department up,ir ohsa to investigate it,why are there no safety measures already taken upon these situations,they say they test the areas,but command,its still in the air,u get lead in u,it will elevate your blood levels,abestos causes cancer,it is a deep concern I feel that should be addressed,it affects us all,it should be addressed,lead abudmentacompany's could come in and remove lead from the paint at the post office,anyone reads this spread the word to all trades about what is going on on some of these jobs.There playing with workers life's,u want to be able to go home to your family,without being subjected to these harsh job conditions,that affects us all,good luck to everyone on this matter.