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Re: NO MORE FINES in NLRB Ruling Mandatory Union Participation!
— by Steward Steward
It's very interesting the way they word the pick it duty,its a disgrace,and I am mad about it,normally,they will send a notice,at least they use to ,to do pick it duty,timeplace,etc,know for some reason it's all about the money,what about the members rights being exploited,it sure is slot of money to pay,i always was told they would deduct out of your vacation pAy,how ironic is that,bunch ofbullshit,what the hell they do to members,especially retired members who cannot even enjoy retirement,especially living out of state,something is wrong,did I miss something,i will get answers,im going to my local union first,hopefully I will get answers of what the hell they are doing.I appreciate everyone's feedback,im going all the way to the chance in command,i also would like to know,when I'm not in city,no more being active every year in the future,are they going to penalize me with that500.00assessment or fine not doing pick it duty,its Constitution,its inmoral,its disrespectful for the men and women who made the union,something has to be done,it will affect all future retires and members too,i securely demand the right answers,hopefully my Union delegates,or officials could address this this unfortunate situation.Any imforinform on here should be posted,it affects us all,its totally wrong,and discriminates towards all the brotherhood.