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— by royernst royernst
sam I have two in nlrb charges in philly region 4 and I am getting the run around I have been contacting Washington headquarters and all   the regional directory in philly has already been suspended for 30 days from headquarters for etics strong union ties in 2016   I was told by nlrb  the union is allowed to fine u   but they can not  not allow u to pay not   your      dues because u have a dues assement against u   so I had to open another charge last sunday questioning the legality of the program   my first charge from 1/23 was being looked at this week I still have not heard   what else I heard the union is claiming that in their letters where they state u could possibyl be suspended from membership   they told the nlrb they are talking about internal unionactivity voting   picnics etc     I will tell u this I will never    pay   the only way they can try and get there money is to take u to court   and trust me they are not going in front of a judge to tell them u are  being fined   forhaving your federal rights violiated                                                                                                                           it is easy to file an unfair labor charge   efile on line and u will have to go in and give a sworn statement  but be prepared for the runaround   they are in bed with the union     if u were going out to dinner and a guy on the street said it would be 125 dollars to walk down the street u would not pay him so do u want to pay them    they made 2 million dollars in fines alone last year from assements alone         I could use a little help the more charges the better just file and say u right to refrain from union activity is being violated    it right on their fucking website they already signed it