Reply – 19 Months In The Buisiest Times in NYC History. No Contract? What Gives?
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19 Months In The Buisiest Times in NYC History. No Contract? What Gives?
— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh
      It’s the busiest times New York City has ever seen. Everyone is making money, unemployment is at its lowest and the Carpenters Union in New York City do not have a negotiated contract for over 19 months. Does this concern anyone why we don't have a Wall & Ceiling contract but an MOA for the Hudson Yards with major cuts and cozening up to the Open Shop, Steven Ross with Related? No connection with the “Count Me In” Movement and silence on the 140 million dollar deal of Carpenters pension funds invested by McCarron with Related. How about giving back to the members of our Union while we are 97% funded? Retirees continue to be burdened with co-pays, premiums, deductibles and don't forget the $250.00 per family member to receive their Express Scripts medicines every January first. They give back $2.500.00 full dental benefits to active members and once again neglect retirees with only a $1.500.00 dental benefit when they need it the most in their lives. This just shows no respect and they count on anyone speaking up. When you do, they silence you. Way too many hypocrites on the payroll putting themselves first and members last. No Honor.

       I don't know about you but it’s time to give back to those who have sacrificed their careers to strengthen the Carpenters Union now and not be overly concerned with 30 years from now. Where’s the honor in taking care of those who are alive and can benefit from some real attention from our Trustees? There has never been a cost of living given to retirees in our history! Even Social Security gives a cost of living increase! When will have true leadership who prove they care about those they serve other than their double pensions and bloated salaries with perks? Please remember who is paying ones salary, the members.

       The first thing contractors want to do is make us work for less money, work PLA's and cut our benefits in the busiest time I have seen in 32 years. They always blame the labor force is the problem. How about all the college grown job supers who couldn't put a nail into a bar of soap, and tell you how to practice your craft? How about the Architects who dream everything is possible and redo a job four times? The G.C. doesn't want the client know they messed up and in the end, blame it on the workers. Safety and rushing jobs, trades working on top of each other, wasted materials, insurance and in the end they blame Unions. Our leaders need to cut the crap and stand up for the workers in this city. If they hire people who have bad attitudes towards organized labor and unappreciative of their Union pensions to be security guards at their million dollar investments, well what about who's working on the inside?

Give us a fair contract now before the economy starts to roll back and we have no bargaining in the slow times that will defiantly be back.

Strength in Solidarity.