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Re: Union Carpenter's Rally April 13, 2011.
— by sam tarallo sam tarallo
This was a good rally,it should be watched and send the message out to other brothers and sisters,that we really could of turn the tides,if we all believed,and stood up for our rights and principals as good union members,to realize,our rights are being striped away,this is no way to run a union,its a slap in the face,and a total discrace to the whole entire brotherhood.We are a union,we should all stick togerther,look out for each other,keep the union strong,look out for the younger members coming in to the trade,teach them,mentor them,let them learn about union history,the stuggles we faced,the stuggles we endued,learn about our founding union fighters that started the union,we all need to do whats right to make it better for everyone.