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NO MORE FINES in NLRB Ruling Mandatory Union Participation!
— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh

Brother John Newell Jr. of Local Union # 291 , Albany, N.Y. has won his NLRB Case. NO MORE FINES for not participating in Mandatory Union Participation! The Settlement Agreement was signed today by Mike Shanahan , President of Local Union # 291 and a host of other UBC Business Agents and Regional Council Officers throughout the Regions.

Other Local unions affected are:  New Jersey Local Union's # 251 , # 253, # 254; Pennsylvania Unions Local # 158, # 173; Delaware Local Union # 164 ; and New Jersey/ Delaware/ / Maryland Local Union # 255; and of course Albany , N.Y  Local Union # 291.

Notice will be posted on the National Labor Relations Board website and various Carpenter union websites. Notices will also be posted in all the union halls listed above.

I have a few questions that need to be answered.

How does the NYCDCC get around this ruling by the NLRB? I have asked this question at Delegate meetings and was told by McInnis that we were protected from this without an explanation. Perhaps when someone files a complaint with the NLRB, this will change for us also. Where are the fines going and how much money is in the fund? How much has been collected each year and is this forced tactic actually having any impact on getting members to support their Union? How many jobs have been turned around because of the Organizing Departments efforts and is this method of penalizing the members only making member participation worse? The time for new strategies is long over due.