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— by Philly carp Philly carp
the greatest power in a union is members standing together and standing for what they believe .
To have a complete walk out , forcing our contractors to listen and address our concerns and have them put the screws to mccarron .
Force them to use the caveats in the contract with the developers to threaten to use non union.
Force his hand. I assure you mccarron will shit his pants as the funds and dues check off disappear. Phila this REALLLLY APPLIES to you. You are the engine thats funding 4 councils!!
You know why it wont happen?
Scumbags in our own ranks wont stand together.
Alll the contractor friendly " union in name only" members have put us where we are today .
The audacity of these " scab" members to beee contractor friendly.... You got what you want..  Now you bitch?