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Re: The Northeast Council and Frank Spencers Crooked Jersey Pals
— by Steward Steward
My question to you or our elected officials,are they going to dissolve other councils,its very scary and it is really starting to really piss members off.Our concerns should be ,where is our money going,where is our union dues going,when the hell are they going to run a top down investigations on McCarran and his cahoots,what they are doing is raping the funds,especially with Hudson Yards projects going on,they have made deals with the billionaire developers and taking our hard earned pension money raping us,robing us and give in to these developers,its bad enough,all u hear no a days is open shop,especially with 50hudson yards 50percent union,50percent scab work,our leadership needs to wake the hell up and get away from all these bad place deals,its killing us,yes,it is a race to the bottom,we need real leaders who will join all our fellow union brothers and sisters and shut all projects down in the city with a big time city rally,strike to send a message this a big attack on all union labor ,it must be stopped get rid of these bums that are out for there own political agenda,our whole entire membership,brothers and sisters of all trades have already taken concessions and have suffered enough,we need to take back the city,the members really need to step up to the plate and get every involved,get all retires,apprentices,organizers,business agents,our leadership involved to make a difference with a strong message that too much crap has hit the fan,a lot of misused of our funds have been wasted too,these shanaginns have to stop,hold these bums accountable,get them investigated,instead of investigating members ,they are the ones raping our funds,the message needs to get out real fast to all union members,we are all in trouble if they keep dissolving all unions,its a disgrace,a slap in the face especially for all our retired who have worked very hard in the trades ,they have the alldasty to try taking medical taken away,reduce there pensions,they need to look at the top brass,that's where all the bullshit is happening,it is terrible what's happening and we all should be taken this seriously.