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The Northeast Council and Frank Spencers Crooked Jersey Pals
— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Did the Northeast Council get dissolved because Ballantyne told wanna be gangster and Frank Spencers pal Georgey Norcross to piss off.

He didn’t do everything they wanted,” a source told Insider NJ, referring to Ballantyne. “They couldn’t keep him in their back pocket.”

This is a developing story, but the independent contracting perception the executive treasurer cultivated, or more specifically, his ties to the Governor even as large portions of the Building Trades oppose Murphy – caused some political friction in an increasingly politically fractured state.

“He told the Governor’s office he wasn’t going to sacrifice the good of the Carpenters to help George Norcross,”

Lets remember how George Norcross, the alleged wanna be gangster, acts when told to piss off.How can we forget the Palmyra Tapes.
          Right now the UBC International and McCarron are using Union bought and paid for Camden NJ Donny Norcross to promote and try to get the Grow Act into law .The Grow Act was written by the NCCMP/Unions to further rob our retirees as part of their campaign to cut retirees checks and tank our Defined Benefit funds..Lets not forget our Union leaders wrote the Multi Employer Reform Act and conspired to get it into law in 2014. The same MPRA they are now using to rob retirees and cut their pension checks so McCarron and his cronies can continue to loot our pension and other funds.The Grow Act is critical to the Unions agenda to continue to rob our pensions funds
      Loot as in forcing diversions of hundreds of millions to the rats at ULLICO.Loot as in forming partnerships with non Union and anti Union companies such as Stephen Ross and Related Inc.Looting as in giving Ross hundreds of
millions of our pension money for Hudson Yards in NYC.The same Hudson Yards that Ross(and his partner Doug McCarron) made OPEN SHOP.So why did McCarron with NO VOTE and NO choice of the membership destroy the Northeast council?? Is it true members of the Northeast Council were raped because John Ballantyne would not do as he was told. Was it because Ballatyne told George Norcross(the alleged head of the Norcross wanna be gangsters trio) to piss off??Are they Afraid Georgey Norcross might tell little Donny Norcross to not aggressively promote their agenda to rob retirees with the Grow Act.??After all have a look at how much money the Carpenters have funneled to the Norcross machine.

      Norcross is another of many crooked Rats supported by the UBC International. One of his longtime Jersey allies is Frank Spencer, a  2nd VP at the national carpenters union.A position CREATED for him by McCarron at the last convention.The same Frank Spencer who claimed his buddy "Robert Andrews" was the greatest thing since toilet paper.Andrews resigned from Congress in 2014 as he faced years of allegations that he violated House rules and federal law.Where is Andrews now.,Why he lobby's for the NCCMP

       Why is the Carpenters International deferring questions regarding the rape of UBC members to Trish Mueller a friend of Georgy Norcross?? She does not work for the Carpenters.She is a mouthpiece at CLB Partners. Why is a Trenton-based "government relations firm" answering questions about the theft of the Northeast members funds and the dissolving of the Northeast Council??
On the CLB web site they have the following.
"It is a pleasure working with CLB Partners. Their immediate access to key policymakers and regulators, combined with their ability to communicate our company’s message and advance our objectives, provides us with a strong presence in New Jersey."

Michael Capelli, Executive Secretary-Treasurer Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters July 1, 2015

         Go search the Northeast Council and UBC International financial LM2s to find how CLB is getting paid and how much. NOT THERE. Rather odd dont you think. Lets not forget Trish Muellers involvement in the $750,000 that somehow got from the New Jersey Carpenters Fund for Growth and Progress to the Kenney for Philly Mayor Campaign.A good question was asked."Why would carpenters in Jersey give a damn about Kenney?"
  The article says this is a developing story.Lets hope they continue to develop it and take a close look at the Norcross-Carpenters relationship. For the UBC members in turmoil by this action maybe they have more resources to answer if indeed they have been raped because Ballantyne told the Norcross machine to piss off and would not play ball.So much for CLB and Mullers Propaganda BS as told here.