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Hi Daleybread I hope you got on the Tishman job. Steward its a shame that the dc allowed themselves to be tools of the contractors. dailybread is correct to not trust them to do whats best for the members who pay their salary. We shouldnt give up on being union but we have to critically examine the people that are running the union so poorly. Dalebread knows me and I always advocate the members coming to meetings and forcing the leadership to the members will. until then it will be more of the same and worse. After all steward we have the largest number of members in the city trade unions and we dont have a contract yet most of the other trades do. So ask yourself why? Then ask yourself what kind of leaders would allow that to continue? The teachers in W Virginia in a right to work state got a contract why cant our leaders? Im not admonishing you Im just asking you to think with more consideration. i know you always comment well about being pro union. Thank you
Labor Omnia Vincit