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Re: Steve McInnis, President of the District Council of Carpenters, asked to step down.
— by Labor Omnia Vincit Labor Omnia Vincit
Steve McInnis is the model of a DC Leader kinda of like Mike Forde. Under Mr Forde Steve picked up bribes and packages of Cocaine as Mike Forde driver. Steve then moved on to drunk driving with a District Council vehicle paid for by the membership. Later on when Dennis ( Ilove legal bribery) Walsh was the RO Steve bribed a Delegate with a job for a yes vote on a contract that fcked the members. Instead of disposing this peice of human waste Walsh didnt let him run for EST just for President instead( Anyone sense Walsh was Corrupt?). So down the road a little further Mike Donnelly gets fired because he calls Dept of Buildings on Steves non union developer brother and we cant have a McInnnis get in trouble for fudging the rules so away goes Donnelly after McInnis lies to the delegate body before they vote on firing Donnelly McInnis tells the delegates that his brothers buisness is a mom and pop construction outfit so the delegates vote to fire him ( Most of the delegates sre DC employees with the same corrupt inclinations like McInnis anyway). So now were left wondering what McInnis did this time cause we have an Independent Monitor that we the members pay who doesnt feel inclined to tell us the reason why McInnis stepped down anyway cause hes a corrupt liar who wrote in his last interim report that the DC is very close to self governance which is obvious to any member breathing that his story is a giant LIE. So we have a Monitor thats collecting 300.00 an hour to blow farts into a chair a Chief Compliance Officer who cant spot corruption if it was done in front of him but will harass and disqualify good delegates while the president of the Floorcoveres rigs elections and he didnt notice that either. So Brothers and Sisters dont believe what your eyes and wallets are telling you believe the leadership whos getting ready to cut your pay and steal your pensions cause after all they know whats best for you more than you yourself do. Just wanted to point that out . Thank you
Labor Omnia Vincit