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Re: Elected New York City District Council Delegates Removed Mid-Term.
— by Sam Tarallo,steward Sam Tarallo,steward
Stop tormenting active retired members from getting work,the out of work list needs to be investigated by the review officer,Why is it every time you want to get work,they label u the bad guy ,just trying to get your 39half hours in as by such as said by the guidelines of the rules set up for active retired members ,Especially when you did all your recertifications and you still hac
ve not got a call for work.If your a steward and waiting 3 to 4 weeks,something is wrong with the system.Good members and good stewards should not be over looked.too much abuse of power,too many complaints from members who pay union dues being denied work,these shanagans must come to the end.i paid my dues till end of August and still not getting work,something is wrong with the system,its longoverdue they do something about it.Everyone who has worked a long time should be treated with integrity and respect,not blackballed for sticking up what is right for the union and its members,this is a union,we should be sticking togerther for the comman cause to elevate our trade and making it better for future young apprentices entering our trades.Our comman goal is to regain our market share,putting more members back to work,putting more man hours in by keeping our members employed to keep our benefits solid,our pension 100percent funded for years to come,hold leadership accountable,hold out of work list leadership accountable,demand answers to our questions from our delegates,please,lets get this done to make our organization sound and strong for future generations.Demand answers,not excuses,make review officer aware of any nonsence effecting us all,do not remove good delegates who especially stand up and speak in with good intentions for the membership,we need representation,especially on the job,not to be thrown under the bus and suffer over nonsence stupid abuses,make our union better,make it better for all,put all our regular carpenters to work,we all work hard,we all want good benefits,a good pension,and we all want to leave the industry holding our heads up high with dignity,respect and good mutual admiration that we left a good legacy for our future brothers and sisters to call this our great union,in Soldarity Sam Tarallo,steward,proud 34yr retired active carpenter.