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— by steward steward
Get new leadership in who actually will do something,they shall back up the membership,and do everything possible to help all our members.Keep all jobs 100percent union,not 50percent union and 50percent nonunion,what does that say about  the union.Be strong ,hold your ground,do not except nothing less exceptv100 percent union.more man hours going into funds,more opportunity's to put all our members to work from out of work list.Also put all our men to work first befourvthe provisional carpenters.Match out of state carpenter s or carpenters from outside locals 1to 1 on jobs to put more of our men to work.Get rid of full does not work,mccqrron wanted bit to conquer and divide.We need to come to come together and stick together,we are a union 1for 1,we are a strong Union when we all do our part,solidarity to all,it is a sisterhood and brotherhood,with all this in mind we all will survive and stay strong.keep up the good fight do not back down to a figjht or cause that will keep the union strong no outside force will bother us,we will prevail,no matter what comes our way,hold your leadership to there highest standards,they represent the working union people,in solidarity,a good steward