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— by steward steward
Myquestion is,when are we going to take back the union.members made it,earned it ,and worked very hard for everything that keeps it strong today.It is a brotherhood,and members should think that way,to much finger pointing does not help us all out.We must sole our problems and do whateer possible to move our organization into the future.Remember,it does not take 1,it takes each and everyone in our union to promote and do there part to succeed and be the best carpenters and best membership to succeed to any obstacles we win.We have smart,members and good craftsmen,but we need some of that at the council to give us some better recognition,and know where the membership comes from,and know we want to to achieve success with better benefits,good pension,good dental,and a proud organization that real cares for its members as well as the staff and council reps.If we all do our part,we all will succeed,keep every job 100percent union,no 50percent union,50 percent nonunion,it does not help us and contributions to not go into the union funds.Raise life insurance back up to 25000.00 for members who passed on,they desere the respect and honor for there hard work over the years.also,i heard we are getting cigna dental insurance back,it is good news,and a step in the right direction.We also should have a fund for members out of work a long time who need money to get by,a continueency fund,maybe take out ten cents an hr from all members working checks and keep  in this fund for members experiencing hardship.I hope things get back to where it was better for all of us,good luck to all union brothers and solidarity jack