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Re: NCCMP & McCarron & all UBCJA Trust Funds Criminal Racketeering & Conversion of Trust Fund Assets - RETIREES, STAND UP & FIGHT BACK
— by Ted Ted
This case also brings to light. many, many other noteworthy & citeable cases from multiple Circuit Courts; and, the fact that Mr. Douglas J. McCarron, who has just turned 65 years of age on September 23, 2015 must cease accepting his (alleged) Tools Pension under current IRS regulations as he has not yet attained age 70-1/2 and he is actively working in the same Union as its General President; earning approximately $545,000 last year.

Contrary to his false claims of Special Dispensation he & his crooked attorneys craft for him & him alone under 'the UBCJA make pretend Constitution' which in it's current state summarily violates every legal ethic and canon in the book and puts the NLRA, LMRA & LMRDA in a vacuum putting him above the law of the land, the United States Congress and a multitude of U.S. Supreme Court precedent decisions & orders too numerous to mention here. 

To be deemed retired after he has attained Normal Retirement Age, a Pensioner must refrain from employment of 40 hours or more during any calendar month, or during each four- or five-week period ending in a calendar month․

 {In McCarrons Land of Oz wherein no law or rule can be directly applied to him, as a God OR demi-God, given that he has not refrained from working more than 40-hours per month and he has not attained the minimum required IRS retirement age, no special act of God, the U.S. Congress and/or his delusional insistence that he can amend Federal law at will via the UBCJA Constitution and play the role of the Catholic Pope and award himself and he alone "special dispensation(s) not afforded to any other UBCJA Carpenter, Christ included, Doug McCarrons alleged UBCJA Tool Pensoin must be suspended immediately until he permanently retires and/or is indicted by the US DOJ or Inspector General etc.}