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— by Ted Ted
See the MPRA (2015); wherein the Corporate whore-mongoring International Trade Union General Presidents & the Congress & liberal sacks of shit like Obama are continually selling you out when it comes to your retirement.

Too many of you ass-clowns in the UBC did the rah, rah for Obama's elections; not once mind ya, but twice because the Local told you to & because you are mindless drones spending far too much time screwing around playing with your drone phones to see the latest idiot you tube video or you are so very improtant that you must know what's up on you social media page or troll in on some idiotic twiddle dee (twitter) blathering by another moron - rather than paying attention to the bouncing ball of your Union & its political nominees/candidates leading you astray.

The Multi-Employer Pension Reform Act of 2015 MPRA (2015) was by design set up to weaken the MPPAA (1980), the Pension Protection Act (2006) or PPA (2006) {hardship withdrawals on your Annuity Funds, Funding Improvement Plans for Pensions (FIP)} as well as the base 1974 ERISA laws and all of the case law through state district & superior and Supreme Courts, Appellate Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court so the corporate whores & sell outs like McCarron can raid your Retirement Funds via illegally declared Trusteeships/Receiverships placed upon District Councils and/or Locals so he & his corporate scheister pals, & political buddies (congress etc.) can fire the lot, pro-tem yes men & raid the Funds therein redistributing said assets of the Council and/or Local to International coffers; washing the money through cheap accounting tricks, offshoring it & then bringing it back in to the good ole U.S.A. and handing out loans, otherwise illegal under too many laws to list here to his favorite CEO's or Politicians while you & yours face dramatic cuts to your monthly retirement check under the MPRA (2015).

If you are too dumb to pay attention. next election at your local or district council or for council delegates - don't elect another dummy like yourself; rather, elect someone with a brain who can read, write & spell and who will pay attention and work to protect your rights.