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— by steward steward
Stand up for the men.we all do our part.We do a honest days work with good shortcuts,just our blood,sweat and tears.We all take our craft seriously and stand behind our work and production 100 percent.nothing is never enough.Contractors always cry poverty,but with out our members hard days work,we always get the job done on time and under budget,also safety is always held to the highest standard.Our union members are proud union craftsmen that build nyc and the surronding bououghs.i hope the contractors realize,without good union craftsmen,which are the best in the industry,we would all be open shop.Good luck to our new contract and good luck to all the union carpenters who work hard to put money back into the benefit fund,and also thank you to the contractors who all contribute into the funds.our real problems is what is going on with all the nonunion out there.alot of open shop is going on on jobs,it is a big problem that has to be stopped.All members should call nonunion jobs in,keep our organizers and business agents busy by investigating and hopefully getting more jobs union.good luck to everyone.stay active and stay strong and vigilialent about what is going on solidarity,a good steward who is concerned.