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Re: NCCMP & McCarron & all UBCJA Trust Funds Criminal Racketeering & Conversion of Trust Fund Assets - RETIREES, STAND UP & FIGHT BACK
— by Ted Ted
Per McGorty's 4th Interim Report as monitor, he lists $3.1 Billion in Pension Fund assets, $514 Million in assets for the Welfare Fund and $2.3 Billion in Annuity assets for a rounded (inexact) total of $5.914 Billion dollars.

 - First he needs to list exact totals.

 - Second, he needs to list every single Fund the NYCDCC owns, operates, manages and/or controls in conjunction with the UBCJA International & McCarrons corporate Puppet-Masters, special interests, Senators & Congressman.

e.g. Whate are the assets of the Apprentice Fund and of all of the other 'nickel & dime Funds' which the UBCJA, NYCDCC and or the City whack you for?

 - Third, How much money did the UBCJA & NYCDCC collect for the Dennis Walsh created Section 14 By-Law and still to this day; very illegal and forced Leaflet, Banner & Picket Duty Fines which clearly violate the NLRA Section 7 provisions which allow every Union member to: "refrain from any & all duty".

Why has McGorty failed to take a position on this Criminal Racketeering issue? Is he protecting Walsh? If so, why?

Why has McGorty & dumb-ass Murphy; or for that matter, former ex-Federal Judge Jones failed to take this issue to Preet Bharara's office or his post Trump firing replacement since Walsh's new illegal Section 14 By-law version began & why have they all collectively failed to pursue this matter of their own accord & volition?

Also, why have they all collectively failed to pursue & file formal legal claims against the District Councils Fiduciary Liability policies?

Are they all truly that inept at the practice of law or are they all on the take & receiving kickbacks from the Council or UBCJA International to ignore the obvious?


excerpt. pg. 7 Blue Card Boy Lives

re: In response to the original Question posed by Pete Corrigan....your new By-Laws have seen the BLUE CARD VACATION WAGE EXTORTION SCHEME (half billion dollar fraud/extortion/Criminal RICO violations by McCarron) morph right back to the OLD PERMIT SYSTEM as evidenced below. NYCDCC is an EXCLUSIVE HIRING HALL as defined by the NLRB and the SECOND CIRCUIT, via the Gene Clarke cases, which remain "good law".

AUGUST 2011 NYCDCC BY-LAWS APPROVED BY JUDGE BERMAN: (authored by Dennis Walsh, McCarron & UBCJA lawyers)


(A) The Council shall receive working dues in the amount of 1% of the members total package rate as reflected in the current collective bargaining agreement covering members for each hour worked. The Council shall also receive working dues from each member of $.60 per hour for each hour worked, subject to review and modification by the Council Delegate Body after review and report by the Audit Committee. This $.60 will be allocated to Organizing in the amount of $.50 an hour, $.05 for Communications and $.05 for Civic Action. The apportionment of working dues amongst Organizing, Communications, and Civic Action shall be maintained in the same proportions as outlined in the prior sentence, subject to review and modification by the Council Delegate Body after review and report by the Audit Committee. The working dues to this Council shall be due on the first day of the month and must be paid not later than the 15th day of the following month. The Council shall also receive working dues of $500 per year from every carpenter who has performed carpentry work for a signatory contractor in our jurisdiction during the calendar year. This $500 working dues to this Council shall be due on the first day of the month following the first day of work performed in our jurisdiction each year and must be paid not later than April 15th of the following year, provided however, that any member who shall have satisfied his or her Union Participation requirement for the applicable year, pursuant to Section 14(F) of the Bylaws, will receive credit for this $500 working dues requirement. The sums stated in this paragraph shall be reviewed periodically to determine if prudence requires that they be reduced or increased.

The NYCDCC, USAO, RO and the Court have collectively failed to remove the illegal provisions mandating forced compliance against your Section 7 Federal Right to "refrain from any & all activities", per LMRDA 1959 amendments. Instead of expunging the extortionate exaction in violation of NLRA Section 7 and the LMRDA, they have simply altered the language slightly and re-worded it to something they believe will allow them to continue the Master Plan for McCarron to implement the program nationally, raise it to $1,000 per head, per year and ultimately allow him to extort half a billion plus each and every year.

$512 Million dollars per year based on UBCJA International reports filed with OLMS, thus mooting the false claims of eliminating racketeering and restoring democracy. This scam is better than running drugs it seems, and far more profitable. That kind of money buys a lot of injustice.

The current By-Laws below have additional illegalities built in, which also must be severed & expunged, short of filing additional charges at the NLRB. This is labor law 101, and the coerced/mandated compliance to a facially unlawful rule does not survive scrutiny within Board, Appellate or Supreme Court precedents, notwithstanding application of the All Writs Act yet applied, but doomed to failure as well.

The NYC District Council of Carpenters paid top dollar for the Fiduciary Liability Coverage and policies, each of which has a 6-year statute of limitations. It is time for the newly elected EST, President & Vice President to call in these policies, all of them from 2006-2011 and it is time that the Insurer made the members who were defrauded whole, with punitive damages, attorney fees & expenses and interest and it is time for the Welfare Fund to forego any & all illegal gotten gains now held in their control, to which Paul Tyzner admittedly stated totaled $58 Million dollars during the November 16, 2011 Javit's debate.

No time like the present to act decisively, denial and silence not being options on the table.