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— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh
With contract negotiation started, it may be prudent for us to look at some of the real problems on job sites around New York City and what the real issues are.


The contractors must start to own up to their incompetence and financial loses on job sites. They mismanage many jobs and turn to union labor, as usual, to make up the difference from their ineptitude. They have many “open windows” hiring naïve supers with no experience in construction, extraordinary waste of materials and cutting safety issues to save time, for starters.


This article Dive article suggests options as leverage to deliberate during negotiations, using technology in our favor. Let’s try to turn the tables on the Building Trades and our “Leaders” who are trying to advocate our membership is doing something wrong and make concessions. We are the most skilled, productive workers that money can buy, building N.Y.C. for over one hundred years. We deserve and are depending on every penny we “earn”. This should matter be of paramount concern.


A “No Strike” clause and eliminating the “Vacation Check” is a no starter for me. The abolishing of “Vacation Check” has already been implemented in the NERC and I believe they would like to get the Internationals ideals here in New York City.

That would be an insulting 12% cut, when we should be getting raises and our medical benefits back to where they were. It has never been as busy and profitable for contractors as it is today. If we give in now, what will we have to negotiate when the industry and economy slow down, as we know it will?