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For your Consideration. Reality in negotiations.
— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh
The first thing contractors want to do is make us work for less money, work PLA's and cut our benefits in the busiest time I have seen in 31 years. They always blame the labor force is the problem. How about hiring guys like this unappreciated skin tag for their work force. No wait, this is the tip of the iceberg. How about all the college grown job supers who couldn't put a nail into a bar of soap, and tell you how to practice your craft? How about the Architects who dream everything is possible and redo a job four times? The G.C. Doesn't want the client know they messed up and in the end, blame it on the workers. Safety and rushing jobs, trades working on top of each other, wasted materials, insurance and in the end they blame Unions. Our leaders need to cut the crap and stand up for the workers in this city. If they hire people who have bad attitudes towards organized labor and unappreciative of their Union pensions to be security guards at their million dollar investments, well what about who's working on the inside?

Strength in Solidarity.