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Re: NCCMP & McCarron & all UBCJA Trust Funds Criminal Racketeering & Conversion of Trust Fund Assets - RETIREES, STAND UP & FIGHT BACK
— by Ted Ted
Feb 3, 2017, 2:48pm EST

Catherine Carlock
Real Estate Editor
Boston Business Journal

ViewPoint: Developers have a disconnect on wages
Scrutiny of unions obscures shared responsibilities among employers

Mark Erlich, executive secretary-treasurer of the powerful New England Regional Council of Carpenters labor union, is stepping down at the end of February after 12 years leading the council.

Erlich has has been a member of the Carpenters Union for 42 years and a full-time officer for 25 years. He announced his retirement in an email to friends and colleagues.

Mark Erlich is the executive secretary-treasurer of the New England Regional Council of Carpenters.
Mark Erlich is the executive secretary-treasurer of the New England Regional Council of… more


“Over the last decade, we built a progressive 21st century union at the Council, winning good contracts for our members, advocating for working people across the region, and playing a major role in the area construction industry and political community,” Erlich said in his email. “We have navigated through multiple challenges – a staggering recession, the growth of the underground economy, broad-based attacks on unions and workers, and a threatening political environment – and have emerged stronger and more effective than ever.”

The Boston-based union represents some 12,079 members in Massachusetts and a total of 22,000 throughout New England. It has 18 local chapters and is affiliated with the New England Carpenters Labor Management Program, Boston Society of Architects, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Associated General Contractors and NAIOP.

“What I have come to understand is that the trappings of authority and power are only significant if they are used to advance the cause of economic justice,” Erlich said in his message Friday. “It has been my intention to carry out our mission with integrity and honesty. I want to thank all the staff at the Council who have made this union-building exercise possible and to also thank all of the friends in the broader community that I have made along the way.”

Erlich said the union's executive board will name his successor.

Catherine Carlock covers Greater Boston's commercial real estate industry.


“What I have come to understand is that the trappings of authority and power are only significant if they are used to advance the cause of economic justice,”.....

Translation: I am being forced out by that corrupt prick Douglas J. McCarron & have just now realized that Doug's zeal for ever more power and authority is not for advancing the cause of 'economic justice' but rather - to advance & feed his own ego while he serves the interests of his corporate puppet-masters & lines his pockets and theirs while screwing the men & woman who built the union and fund its operations.

Their reward will be in the form of lower wages, reduced Pension Benefits under the MPRA (2016) which eviscerated & shredded the ERISA (1974) laws protecting pensioners & retiree rights and which shall also come with a lousy Health plan with increased co-pays & higher premiums & deductibles.

McCarron & his corporate puppet-masters Tutor, Feinstein, Blum & Related etc.) will thus raid the coffers of the Pension & Health Benefits Funds, claim an economic need/crisis to falsely justify disbanding NERCC's charter & move to consolidate its operations into the failing MRCC & NRCC organizations while they reduce Pension & Health benefits & through shady accounting practices, offshore NERCC's assets & run the monies they steal through the bank of China etc. and fund illegal investment schemes or developer projects with your money, particularly, their Non-Union endeavors.


 “It has been my intention to carry out our mission with integrity and honesty...

Translation: That corrupt prick hoodwinked me into believing we were fighting for the same thing & I now realize that there is not an ounce of honesty or integrity in the man.

Should we look forward to your memoirs Mark on what could have been or shall we look forward to a legal fight wherein you for once stand up & fight back via the courts. Not for nothing, but what the fuck did you clowns think Harrington v. Herman & Harrington v. Chao were about? Were you all on the pot?

You fuckers sold us out then when you thought you were all brighter than everyone else in the room & shit-canned democratic elections & then, through each & every General Convention watered down the UBCJA Constitution to where it by no means conforms to well known labor laws or the NLRA protecting members Section 7 rights, that Doug McCarron is now the declared King and is running a criminal RICO enterprise to an extent that it makes the Teamsters & Longshoreman look as saintly as the Vatican. (wink-wink). Great job Mark - thanks for selling us out dumb-ass!

Carpenters union head Erlich set to retire

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By Tim Logan GLOBE STAFF  FEBRUARY 03, 2017

One of the most influential labor leaders in Boston’s development world is stepping down. Mark Erlich, the top official at the New England Regional Council of Carpenters, said Friday he’s leaving the job at the end of February.

The Jamaica Plain resident has led the 19,000-member labor council for 12 years, through both the recession and the recent construction boom, and has been a member of the carpenters union for 42 years.

Under Erlich’s tenure, the union has increased its advocacy for immigrants and undocumented workers in the construction industry. It has also grown a new unit that specifically builds multi-family housing at a lower wage scale to compete with non-union contractors. Erlich is also one of two union leaders to serve on the Boston Zoning Board of Appeals.

Tim Logan can be reached at Follow him on Twitter at @bytimlogan.


Fuck the "undocumented" as it remains a crock of shit! They're criminal aliens who illegally crossed our borders, who drain the system at every level conceivable to serve the political whims an agenda of crazy liberal fools who believe that they are progressive & that every one else who disagrees with them is a bigot or racist. Wrong answer assholes & if you still don't get it, President Trump proved that real Americans (those of us who get up every day, who work & produce & feed the tax coffers) know liberalism to truly be a mental disorder.

The only thing required here is the immediate deportation of the criminal alien workforce & that alone will end the need for so called Union leaders to reduce the wages of the men & woman in the wood frame sector who are native born Americans that they are required to serve & work to protect. The Carpenters Union and it's District Council & Local Unions have failed miserably in doing their jobs & have sold the rest of us out; yet, they never, ever take a pay cut & always reward themselves handsomely with huge raises, ridiculous retirement/benefit packages while they hold make pretend phony votes on Contracts (elections come after the contracts are executed (signed)) or Union Pay raises & instead divert the monies allegedly voted on by the members wherever the hell they & the so called Trustees of the varying Funds want and they ignore the will of the rank & file and do what they damn well please.

Sound about right Mark? Stand up & fight for the men, sue Doug - I don't think so, cuz you don't have the stones to admit you were ever wrong or to do the right thing now that it's been explained to you; albeit very simply & so much so that a fool would know what to do next. But you, you - hell no you just don't have the balls or the brains to put up any fight, nor will you.

Think about that up on the lake during your retirement. Think about all the boneheads you've appointed or ram-rodded through via phony pro-tem elections at the Local Union level. 300-Hitters my ass!