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— by Ted Ted
Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters Merges Into the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters to Expand Council's Jurisdiction
Feb 03, 2016, 16:54 ET from Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC)

 Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters    
EDISON, N.J., Feb. 3, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- John Ballantyne, Executive Secretary-Treasurer (EST) of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC), today announced that the Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters (MRCC) will merge into the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters to create a newly expanded Council.

The NRCC will now be comprised of nearly 40,000 members covering the states of Delaware and New Jersey, plus parts of Maryland, New York and Pennsylvania.

"The expansion of the NRCC is an exciting opportunity for our organization," Ballantyne said. "It will enhance benefits for our membership and expand market opportunities for our members and contractor partners throughout the Council's geographical jurisdiction."

Edward Coryell, Sr., formerly the EST of the MRCC, who is working closely with the leadership of the newly expanded Council to ensure a smooth transition, said the new regional focus would help streamline work rules and serve the needs of the membership.  "This newly expanded structure will improve the collective strength of the union," Coryell added.

{Bullshit - It's exactly what was stated in the June 29,2011 response to McCarron's NYCDCC Restructuring Plan which we submitted directly to former R.O. Dennis Walsh & the Clerk at the Federal District Court; to wit, the 150 page response was also submitted to Federal District Court Judge Richard M. Berman and to which we await a reply to this very day; re: Doug's gonna shove Pre-Apprentices, Carpenter Tenders & Interior System Locals up your arses, all of which shall come with the kickback to the developers, project owners, district council employees on the take while you & yours are sold out & put on a permanent wage & benefit reduction of $8,$10, $12 bucks an hour etc.. no more double time, make up time on Saturdays at regular/reduced wages vs. O.T. & so on , all of which has come courtesy of your Local Union scum, brain dead & brainwashed UBCJA & District Council delegates, ball wonkers, so called 300 Hitters by shit heads w/ no tools, no skills & no work ethic whatsoever.

Further cuts shall come forth via the MPRA which King Doug ran through the NCCMP, which his Corporate Puppet-masters, the true owners of the UBCJA sponsored, bought & paid for while their Attorneys secretly re-wrote the NLRA (1935) & ERISA ((1974) law (which is illegal) so that they can rape the Pension Funds, Off-shore the money, wash it & re-invest it into scam funds which McCarron's corporate puppet-masters & whore-mongering GC's, Owners & Developers will invest into Non-Union ventures & projects in which the so called brain trust ass-clowns of your Local Union Hall will summarily bend over & force you guys to picket/leaflet or banner, blow whistles, set up the 15' Rat so they can justify their pro-temmed or appointed or specially dispensated no Election Local Union or District Council do-nothing, produce nothing hack job while the Non-Union boys & girls, foreign nationals & illegal alien workforce do your job for you while you get some chicken shit stipend and some crappy T-Shirt about doing your "volunteer" UPP mandatory duty under the threat of an Illegal/coerced $250 to $500 Fine; (re: the fucking Blue Card ladies) & then bend over & say - Thank You Doug McCarron you sell-out piece of shit, may we have another; while you were being scammed by Criminal Racketeers & their bitch Lawyers; while the U.S. Attorney, one Preet Bharrara & the Court Appointed jester McFly (McGorty) did absolutely squat and thus have directly participated in the ongoing criminal RICO racketeering of this once proud organization}

An analysis by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America concluded that in order to increase market share and man-hour opportunities, there should also be a consolidation and/or re-chartering of local affiliates within each state. These new affiliates include:

Local 158 – Formerly Local 8, Local 37, Local 1050, Local 1073 and Local 1856

Local 164 – Formerly Local 122 and Local 465

Local 167—Formerly Local 600, Local 1462 and Local 1595

Local 173 – Formerly Local 626, local 845, and Local 2012

Local 177 – Formerly Local 101, local 132 and Local 1694

Local 179 – Formerly Local 454 and Local 2311

Local 1823 will be dissolved and merged into existing NRCC Council-wide Flooring Local 251

Local 359 will be dissolved and merged into existing NRCC Council-wide Mill Cabinet Local 252

"The expanded Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters will provide new and exciting benefits for all of its members and I look forward to working with the entire membership to ensure they have long-lasting work," added Ballantyne. "Our commitment to our members remains the same: to ensure openness, transparency and accountability in Council operations while representing the best interests of our membership." 

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters headquarters will remain at 91 Fieldcrest Avenue, Raritan Plaza II, Floor 2, Edison, NJ, 08837.

About the NRCC:

The Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters (NRCC) represents thousands of hard working men and women throughout the states of Delaware and New Jersey, plus regions in Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania, making it one of the largest trade unions on the East Coast. The NRCC equips professional craftsmen with the skills that are demanded in today's construction industry. Its regional structure ensures that the organization can work cooperatively with contractors and maintain the superior quality of workmanship that contractors have come to expect from union carpenters.  For more information about the NRCC, go to:


So who is next bitches? Stay tuned dumb-asses.... Give em more Stickers & Pins, these fools will buy anything we stick under their noses as they're too lazy or too dumb to stand up, educate or defend their own interests - right Doug? Oh yeah, when you send the private dicks around  for the still photo's or illegal video's of dues paying members at their job or home remember to put us on the cc list for distribution.

NOTE: All criminal racketeers, their legal counsel/attorney(s) of record, the U.S.A.O. & his assistants/staff attorneys, corporate sponsors & their legal counsel etc. are Innocent until Proven Guilty in a competent Court of Law; or are they?