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— by The truth The truth
It is fact that soros and his grandfather collaborated with the nazi. The name of the front the Nazis used to do their dirty work in Hungry was Judenrat. You are a vile person to deny soros part in the nazi occupation of Hungry. You denying the culpability of an evil man who profited from the death of approximately 440,000 Hungarian Jews because for the moment it benefits your fetters. If soros sold jews to the nazis what makes you think he won't sell you to his future enemy. You are truly unwise. You are collaborating with an evil.   And here is the kicker you detestable liar: soros to this day when questioned says he feels no remorse for working and profiting from his evil deeds with the nazis during the 1944 occupation of Hungry. In your silence is your collaboration. I have no words to express the level of contempt I have for Liars like you. I tried to keep this simple and civil so you can understand what a tool you are to this crime. Maybe the DNC will come out with coloring books so you can get your lies straight. I really want to curse here, but I will not, as a Christian there is only so low I will go. The Morality and genuine honesty is a burden that the lying democrats don't share with me; that is their lone advantage. Democrats will stoop to a level Christian, conservatives and most Republican will not.