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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ted Ted
Ross - you & everyone else have been getting a free education here on 157 blogspot for many, many years now - through the hard work & dedication of others.

We're not about to reinvent the wheel for you because you continue to pose as an expert.

Your response is exactly what I expected. You cannot and will not stop what you are doing (lay yourself off, use your own time or money); educate yourself and even make a half assed gesture toward any filing with the Appeals court; so you are just another poser - too afraid to man up, suck it up and do whatever it takes.

The entire NLRA 14(b) issue on why the UBCJA's Mobility is their 50-State RTW program has been posted on this blog many times. Even a lazy dolt could do a cut & paste and sign their name; send it in and you won't even do that.

Instead, you start posting crap about a Trump child rapist bit. You must be another Council wannabe. Are you collecting a check form the Council or Doug?