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— by Ted Ted
Hey Ross - time to read up & educate yourself.

When you've read every thread on this site; every story ever posted by John & a few sharp individuals on his blog including those who taught me and when you've read & researched the NLRB ALJ, Board & Appellate cases, labor law /precedents through every Appellate Court and the U.S. Supreme Court; notwithstanding DOL, DOJ and other sites, then you can give me a call when you are up to speed with the very basics.

When you've drained your UBC Annuity twice & used personal savings of $75k on top of it to afford yourself with the time to do the hard work you & others won't do for yourselves; then & only then can you portend to give me advice of any kind; legal or otherwise.

Who do you think delayed the UBCJA's Restructuring Plan, subsequent Local & District Council Elections & By-Law related issues through Walsh & then through Bermans court room and tied the UBC's hands?  Who the hell do you think ended the Blue Card program for the NYCDCC after 14-years of you guys ignoring it & having your Vacation Checks raped & pillaged by the crooked assholes in the NYCDCC & the UBCJA?

It surely wasn't you! The Blue Card, started by Brennan was ended by the efforts of myself & two others. Same holds for ridding the NYCDCC of Lebo & Bilello; also by the same three individuals. Who do you think ran the RO off to the private sector? I could go on & on ad nauseum about the work of others and how much they brought to bare on critical issues of the day, their efforts & their work and yet, your name is no where to be seen in any relevant topic, thread or legal concern or filings with the court.

You haven't touched on 1/100th of anything I've just noted herein, yet - you continue to pose as an expert and dismiss legal topics you know nothing about as being moot. That my friend qualifies you as a lady because that is how woman think; with their feelings verses fact or logic & it has nothing to do with your alleged homophobia issue.

Prove me wrong:

You now have 15-Days remaining to file a response with the Appeals Court for the Cement League case.

Will you leave your job & get the coffee pot burning so you can educate yourself & will you go 24/7 if need be til you're ready to drop so you may file an intelligible legal response which the court will take note of; or....will you balk and come up with some excuse why you cannot or will not do the hard work required?

10-1 you balk. Talk is cheap bub, time to put up or shut up!