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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ross Ross
Teddy, You seem to have so much to offer but you are so rude it makes things difficult...I don't need the homophobia of calling us ladies. I don't need the accusation that I pose as some kind of legal expert. There are carpenters here who wonder why, if you have it all figured out, don't you just file whatever forms need to be filed and prove your assertions in court? How is it that I tell you I don't quite follow your assertions but you accuse me of posing as an expert? Can you be a little less combative and a little more explanatory? we frequently read postings by legal eagles like yourself telling us what to do and it always begs the question....why don't you? I say RTW and Mobility are different. Can you tell me why I'm wrong without insulting me? Step up. Explain.