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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ross Ross
Hey Truth, we disagree on the incompetence issue. The hating white people thing is nuts. Okay, Trump's not your guy...who are you planning to vote for? I'm a reader. I'm aware of Alinsky. May well read it some day. Don't feel any urgency. Did you read it? I guess you're calling me an idiot? Look, is anything that we all pay into and depend upon as a society, "socialist" and by your tone, Id have to guess...bad? Were the first responders socialists? Are garbage collectors? Bus Drivers? Prison guards? Etc for days. You and I both know thats cheap rhetoric, calling things socialist in an attempt to discredit them all willy-nilly... There are real, thoughtful conversations to be had about the role of government in things like the military, social security, health care and infrastructure, to barely scratch the surface. Whether its socialist or not seems semantic to me. i guess firemen are socialistic, yeah? So we need a little socialism. Lets get beyond that as a lame talking point. Hillary's plan is to turn us socialist....I can't even....