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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ross Ross
Hey Killary, that is a real dipshit moniker, I'm trying to have an actual conversation and you aren't doing yourself any favors with a loaded name like that. Tone it down if you want to be taken seriously. I googled Clinton 1/5 uranium weapons deal or something like that and found what you were referencing and yeah it looks bad. We don't have the greatest choices here, do we? It's extremely complicated. I waded through a long article about it. The state department was one of many that weighed in on the deal and it wasn't a situation that required Clinton's approval in order to move forward...but yeah, half a mil speaking fee in Russia right befor it goes through and all. And many many more complications and shades of grey. The way I remember the regime change situation is that Americans were freaking tired of war and didn't want boots on the ground after more than a decade of losing our sons and daughters and we wanted local states to pick up the slack. Still makes sense to me. In any case, this stuff is very very complex and I hope you factor in Trump's business dealings, plans, loans and indebtedness to Russia as a real consideration in this complicated equation. You're concerend about Russia, apparently, so think about it. Putin and Trump are boyfriends and Putin's the top.