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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ross Ross
Hey truth. It's funny how differently we see things. I'm sure Clinton has lied along the way like any politician, but now I see her as really, really prepared and able to do the job. I see Trump as a pawn of Putin, and a life-long con man who has no actual interest in or ability to be the president. And basically, if Trump is talking, he's lying. He's playing the populace for their votes with zero convictions beyond ending the estate tax. Build a wall? Not unless a company of his is paid for it, and basically no, no wall. Immigration? He doesn't actually care at all. If he wins, which he might, there is a small chance, anything he's promised is garbage. He wants cheap labor, cheap taxes for himself, no estate tax, and screw screw screw everyone else. The man is a train wreck of ego and oncoming dementia, so sure, let's give him the nuclear codes...I know we don't agree and we won't, so I'll just say if your guy wins, I really hope I'm wrong about him, and if my girl wins, I feel confident about being right about her.