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— by The truth The truth
One mans reasoning as to why I will not vote for Hillary. I always put country first. Can we believe anything she says; she is not truthful and a compliant media are covering for her. She now has been caught lying numerous times. And what have unions really got from the democrats under Obama?  Does anything spring to mind; Not much! If you are a professional Steward or someone who carries victim status to make it in the union; then you should vote for Hillary twice, she is your type of person. And you will be instructed to vote for her. But if you have children and care about your childrens' future then; you should vote against Hillary and urge anyone who has similar circumstances to do the same!
Basically those of us who carry the card; it is in our interest to against Hillary.
Those of you who the card carries; it is in your interest to vote for her!