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Re: Trump and Pence are anti-union
— by Ross Ross
Sorry, I didn't see this response earlier. I confess that it is a mystery to me why union members would vote for Trump/Pence, one of the most anti-union presidential candidate teams in recent American history. Your explanations seem pretty sophisticated and nitty gritty, though I don't totally follow some of it, to be totally honest. I will say that your assertion here, that Trump is more likely to punish bad union leadership has me divided. On the one hand, if McCarron is selling us out like you say, why wouldn't Trump just let him? Trump wants to hurt us and get cheap labor, so why not let our leaders do that for him? Or, I suppose, prosecute and embarrass him, (if you're right), and really defame the unions and take them down for good. I don't like that either. It's getting a little conspiracy heavy for me and I'd just simply vote against the deeply anti-Union candidate. Or maybe I don't understand your points, so feel free to consider and elaborate.