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— by Ted Ted
Timing is everything Ladies: Anyone not yet receive the UBCJA's latest 6" x 11-1/2" Postcard comparing the Trump v. Clinton Presidential race?


"This Labor Day, the choice is clear for out members...DO NOT ALLOW WHAT WE HAVE BUILT TO BE TORN DOWN!

UBC founder Peter McGuire started Labaor Day back in 1882. This Labor Day we need to focus on the election.

Our powerful enemies continue to work hard to cut wages and end union protections.

 - National Right to Work

 - The National Labor Relations Board

 - The Supreme Court

While some in his party vote with us, Trump is 100% against us and every other union too:

 - Trump is in favor of Right to Work laws that weaken collective bargaining and union strength.

 - Trump would eliminate prevailing wages by ending federal Davis Bacon, which gives union bidders a fair chance to win work on publicly funded projects.

 - Trump would nominate judges to the Supreme Court who will vote to ban Project Labor Agreements, vote in favor of Right to Work and vote to lower safety & training standards."


Wow - what a crock of shit from the word go Doug!


The UBCJA via its corporate Puppet-Masters whom you are directly beholden too for your livlihood have engineered and orchestrated a multitude of phony test cases which you've collectively rammed through the NLRB for 21-years; wherein said test cases won in one Board Region or Appellate Court are then used by you & your Corporate handlers as precedent in every other region of the UBCJA; without ever having established precedent through multiple cases.

This model has also been used by the UBCJA & your corporate Puppet-Masters throughout every Appellate Court and the U.S. Supreme Court. Failing that, it's buy a decision & order; bribe someone or pay-off a judge, ALJ, U.S. Attorney or Court appointed Officer along the way (so we hear, wink-wink).

Cases in point; re: THE UBC's 50-STATE RIGHT TO WORK LAW (better known as 'MOBILITY')

A)   Lebovitz (McDowell Bldg & Foundation) (2009)

B)   The Cement League (2016)

Funny thing here - you are not yet through the Circuit Court briefs & Ronald N. Tutor actually allowed you to speak & send this garbage through the mail. Seriously, talk about throwing your friends under the bus Doug? The NLRB & Appellate Courts and Haight & Bermans Federal District Court in NYC have been your best friends.

FACT - Lebovitz/McDowell and the Cement League were, are & remain phony Test Cases which your handlers have conjured up to negate & end run NLRA protections afforded via Sec. 7 amongst others relative to the RIGHT TO WORK LAWS.

Both cases by design were put forth so you and your Corporate handlers could end run the Congress and amend/author a new law without Congressoinal authority which allows you to run the RIGHT TO WORK UBC which you falsely accuse Trump of championing.

The UBC's RTW Program via MOBILITY negates the worker & employee rights afforded under the NLRA to organize, to have one-man, one vote for their elected & Exclusive Bargaining Representatives which the UBCJA INTERNATIONAL has stripped away via Harrington v. Herman & Harrington v. Chao.

The NLRA is unrecognizeable since you took power (sorry, I meant Tutor, you big dummy). Union members have no rights and have no standing in Federal Court before Judge Berman.

The PLA's you so suddenly abhore were afforded to our Union and every other Union via the Boston Harbor case by the U.S. Supreme Court; and suddenly, they are now your enemy?

Who the hell allowed you to speak? Hey Ron - did you approve this message? 
Quite obviously the big dummy Doug doesn't know when to shut it. Timing is everything so how can you let him speak on this or any other subject w/o proper vetting of the topics?

Correct me if I am wrong Mr. Tutor but did the NYCDCC not execute a record number of PROJECT LABOR AGREEMENTS (PLA's), some 160+ which negate the CBA, the contract wages & benefits of workers in the Contractors favor whereby workers/employees alleged to be afforded NLRA rights as individuals have exactly zero say in any Negotiation at any level given the post Chao appointments of UBC Yes Men (alleged 300-Hitters).

Not for nothing, but the UBCJA International and the Corporate Developers associated with the UBC have done more damage to UBC Families in regard to their Wages and Benefits than you charge Trump with having done - even were he to have twenty terms in office.

TRUMP ain't the problem bub - you and your Corporate Handlers are the problem and the true scourge to Labor on this Labor Day.


Douglas J. (Satan) McCarron - given your 66th is around the corner on Friday September 23rd; can you do us all a favor & apply for your SS Benefits and step down? If you got any questions on applying you can call:


Given the damage you've done to the working man over your career and all the families/homes you've destroyed or had followed by P.I.'s over the years notwithstanding using mumsy to hide certain scams or throwing your brother Mikey under the bus to cover for your crimes, perhaps you should donate your Social Security to the General Fund for some poor bastard who has nothing to live on in his/her golden years. God knows you've got more than enough dough offshored for your own needs or your Wicken pals.