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— by Ted Ted

God Bless America & to hell with Douglas J. McCarron!

It ain't Trump or Pence locking you out of working in your own Local union or District Council; rather, it's Doug McCarron by his continual & repeated violations of the labor laws and the 'exclusive' standing of the NYCDCC and his willful and repeated violations of NLRA Section 14(b).

Do you not understand the property rights which attach to your membership in the NYCDCC for each rank & file member?

New York is not a RTW state; yet, the NYCDCC via the phony Cement League test case conjured up by McCarrons corporate puppet-masters and their attorneys has turned the New York & Vicinity District Council of Carpenters into the Right to Work (RTW) Poster Child for the UBC.

Hillary Clinton won't do a damn thing to protect your individual or your council property rights to work in your own Local Union or District Council before any outside traveler/out of towner, cash worker or illegal/criminal alien.

But, nevertheless the mindless drones in the UBC & NYCDCC, rather than starting a go-fund me page to hire an attorney to defend their rights at the NLRB, Circuit Court or in Judge Bermans Federal District Court will all run down to their local halls and build Hillary Clinton tens of thousands of signs and stand outside in all kinds of weather for a candidate who does not give a rats ass about them or their families ability to put food on the table in their own backyard; first and foremost before all others.

And this is notwithstanding the giant sucking sound (to para phrase Ross Perot) of Council Jobs and Council Benefits leaving the NYCDCC for the NRCC Capelli rats in Jersey or a multitude of other out of state Pension, Annuity & Health & Welfare Funds.