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— by Bill Walsh Bill Walsh
                   The 157 Progressive Team’s Handbill of Rhetoric and Deceiving Falsehood’s.

Don't believe anything you hear, especially days before this election. Check out the facts and make an educated choice when your voting for you and your families future. It is busier now than it has ever been in New York City and still we give back with our wages and benefits. What will we negotiate with when it gets slow in a few years when we have given everything we can now? Don't be fooled, it will get slow. Most of those who are supporting these bad contracts will be retired collecting two and three pensions. Where will you be?

 * Turning All Jobs to Union Jobs.
Truth: Where has the Progressive Team been for years and did they discover a “Magic Wand” to   achieve this epoch non-union problem?

 * Retire 55 Years Old with Medical!
Truth: Don’t forget to include Premiums, Deductibles, Co-pays, Express Scripts deductibles with medicine costs and then the worst Dental Plan, when you need it the most in your life. One must have 20 years in with 20 credits to retire with benefits. 18 Progressive Teams candidates are Council Business Representatives and all enjoy robust salaries with perks, two pensions and many will appreciate three pensions. They will never work under the sour contracts that they vote "yes" on. Retiree criteria will certainly change now that we have been forced to hire new insider as our Benefit Funds Director from the failed Carpenters Empire Regional Council. The International wants our 5.4 Billion dollars in our Pension Fund and the Progressive Team is setting the stage to usher in the North East Regional Council and dissolve the Consent Decree.

*All Journeymen to get Full Rate on All Jobs!
Truth: Nice Dream, especially after the Progressive Team pushed through all Provisionals, B-Rate, Utility Workers, Wage Cuts and PLA’s that will endure for years. Do the research and you will find out that many Brothers & Sisters are working for a lower rate right now! We gave them Full Mobility and nothing has changed except more members are scared for their jobs and we still have 4000 members waiting on the Out of Work list.

* Get more Apprentices on Jobs and Working with their tools!
Truth: The Progressive Team hasn't enforced this standing contractual rule that has been in previous contracts for years. How many Apprentices do you see on your jobs? With the help from our “Responsible Leaders”, PLA’s have been depleted by the greedy developer’s and the new Progressive Team’s cure has been adding B-Rate Carpenters with Provisionals to take work away from our Apprentices. These “new” Addendum's are just templates to standing contracts and will be shepherded into the fresh contract negotiations in June 2017, on ALL job's. When the water level goes down, all boats will go down also, except the salaried employees at the Council who vote "YES" to all these contracts. Check their voting records for the proof.

* Winning Prevailing Wage for all jobs 421a Legislation & Local Law 220.
Fact: This has been an ongoing battle in NY State Government and for the Progressive Team to take credit for a fight that has been led by others is repugnant. Yes, we are helping with the battle but don't make it sound like we are doing it alone.

* Agreements such as Brookfeild (25 million Sq Ft Guaranteed for 20 years)
20 years!? Our market share hasn't gone up in over 20 years and they Guarantee this bold statement? Contracts change when its good for them and the developers. Just look at last months Addendum that was pushed thru to a standing contract with the Wall & Ceiling. It isn't even up until next June 2017 and they changed this one while it isn't even up yet!

Don't fall for the Rhetoric and Deceiving Falsehood’s. This is your future at stake and if you choose the wrong candidates, we will all pay for it. Responsible Leaders Making Responsible Decisions------don't forget the little guy on the tools.

                                         Vote Members Voice on June 23, 2016