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— by Ted Ted
2nd Circuit Court of Appeals grants Brady's 14-day extension request for rehearing or hearing en banc. Briefs due May 23rd.

So, if you are a pro Football player w/ an enourmous pot of dough to spread around; or, the NFL which has spent $20M to date on this case in a CBA arbitration - it's "standing" approved.

But; if you are a poor bastard working in the trenches in the construction industry - it's "standing" denied!

However, when the UBCJA is the one spending upwards of $250M on the phony 25-1/2+ year old Criminal Racketeering case morphed into the the bought & paid for Judges and Lawyers in the 22+ year old Consent Decree designed by the aforementioned corrupt 'players' to illegally w/o Congressional authority re-write all labor law and all known court precedent; their "standing" is approved.

It's a pay to play corrupt Court system; right Dennis?