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— by Ted Ted
Some base First Amendment precedent:

...the creation and dissemination of information are speech for First Amendment purposes. See, e.g. , Bartnicki v. Vopper , 532 U. S. 514 .

...“the fear that people would make bad decisions if given truthful information” cannot justify content-based burdens on speech. Thompson v. Western States Medical Center , 535 U. S. 357 .


Wow; the truth hurts - right? So then; why would you seemingly question your ability to post truthful information to inform the otherwise uninformed UBC rank & file member of their basic rights and then bemoan what you, not I posted? How is educating those inclined to learn some how not worthy of staying on this blog? Are you not aware that the blog owner supports free speech & the first amendment?

The interesting portions left out of your article is their ability to obtain a Driver License and then use that to vote; albeit, illegally and typically for the democrat handing out all the free crap....such as:

Section 8 Housing vouchers, Food Stamps, free Oil, Gas, Propane or Electric for heating, Free Medical care, Free Land Line, Free Obama phone, Free education etc.

Moreover, the mainstream media (MSM) have falsely claimed 12-million Illegal Aliens since 1990. The fact is there are well over 60-Million Illegal Aliens in America right now; all of whom should be deported.    

America does not need them, nor do we need the associated costs of their being here, notwithstanding the murders, rapes, home invasions and other crimes committed or the drugs and crime they bring over our borders every day. Also - it is not fair to those who come here the right way and have paid their dues, learned the language and assimilated into our culture, who study and work hard to improve themselves and the lives of their future generations.  

The illegal aliens (criminal aliens) along with the Femocrat's are ruining this once great country and in concert w/ the corrupt Obama administration are going to bankrupt the nation. When Obama leaves office we'll have +-$20 Trillion in national debt and soon, the yearly budget will not suffice to service the interest on the debt - yet; idiots, imbeciles & morons supporting both Sanders & Clinton can't see the forest for the trees and would have us put the EU Rope around America's neck and continue down the path to bankruptcy, poverty, riots and a permanent militarized police state.