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— by Ted Ted

This was By: IRS IS WATCHING from page 1 of this thread April 1, 2011

Look all over the city + you will see non resident  carpenters on the jobs. You can only have one book at a time + the non residents now choose to hold nyc book. Any way you look at it this is not in the intrests of the 5 borough carpenter. Many jobs + books are in the hands of non residents. Remember this when your mommy or daddy is no longer employed. Are you for full mobility ? How do you feel that alot of the reps at the dc dont pay nyc residence tax ? ARE YOU FOR FULL MOBILITY ?



Compare to where you all sit now w/ the Cement League abortion by the NLRB Board. Hey, all you 4,000-5,000 guys on the Make Pretend OWL; you all gonna take this lying down; because the NLRB just shit-canned your Due Process rights w/ this ruling and basically banned you from ever obtaining any steady work in your own District Council, which as Nee said, is now the Local. Given the By-Laws authored by the UBCJA International, Latham & Watkins Conboy & your former R.O. Walsh - why hasn't I.M. McGorty scheduled Elections for all Officers? Read the by-laws - your Locals have exactly squat for power, control or authority to do anything on your own, less b.s. picnics & softball games; and the last time I checked Dennis - that ain't no freaking Union in accordance with the tenets of the NLRA or 81-years of Board, Appellate court or U.S. Supreme court precedent.  

And Dennis Walsh sold you all out as the Puppet for Doug McCarron & his corporate racketeering conspirators & made millions doing it. They said Forde was corrupt - right. Wait till Spencer, Capelli & the Jersey Mob takes over the NYCDCC completely.

All criminal suspects are guilty until proven innocent in a UBCJA Kangaroo Court of law, a court of law; ahh, shit - I meant innocent until proven guilty in a corruption free court of law, or are they?