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Re: THE CEMENT (CONCRETE) LEAGUE & ALJ Greens 5-21-15 Decision & the NLRB Boards 2-16-16 Decision & Order; EXCLUSIVE NYCDCC Hiring Hall, the HARTE, McMURRAY & CLARKE legacy vs. 50-50%, 67-33% & 90%-10% vs. the McCarron, Walsh, Berman & Torrance Conversion of the BLUE CARD to the WHITE CARD 8(f) to illegal 9(a) Agreement w/o Proof or the req'd. NLRB Board Election
— by Ted Ted
States are not mere political subdivisions of the United States. State governments are neither regional offices nor administrative agencies of the Federal Government. The positions occupied by state officials appear nowhere on the Federal Government's most detailed organizational chart. The Constitution instead "leaves to the several States a residuary and inviolable sovereignty," The Federalist No. 39, p. 246 (C. Rossiter ed. 1961), reserved explicitly to the States by the Tenth Amendment.

Whatever the outer limits of that sovereignty may be, one thing is clear: the Federal Government may not compel the States to enact or administer a federal regulatory program.


Nor may the UBCJA compel Right to Work laws in states which have not approved them as McCarron has done by forcing his 100% Full Mobility Right to Work scam upon the Federal District Court or the NLRB via his fraudulent submission of the phony CEMENT LEAGUE case in NYC or the Board in Washington D.C..

McCarron says its so and the spineless US Attorneys Office & the I.M. Glen McGorty and his predecessor always second the motion due to sheer arrogance, incompetence or both - leaving the Federal court as frustrated with these buffoons as the rank & file.