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Re: THE CEMENT (CONCRETE) LEAGUE & ALJ Greens 5-21-15 Decision & the NLRB Boards 2-16-16 Decision & Order; EXCLUSIVE NYCDCC Hiring Hall, the HARTE, McMURRAY & CLARKE legacy vs. 50-50%, 67-33% & 90%-10% vs. the McCarron, Walsh, Berman & Torrance Conversion of the BLUE CARD to the WHITE CARD 8(f) to illegal 9(a) Agreement w/o Proof or the req'd. NLRB Board Election
— by Ted Ted
The Cement League and Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters
, NLRB Case No. 3-CA-126938. As reported in the First Interim Report, the ALJ presiding over this matter held that a provision in the District Council’s CBA requiring the 1:1 matching of non-members with referrals from the non-discriminatory OWL is on its face unlawful under the NLRA. Both the District Council and The Cement League filed exceptions andsupporting briefs against the ALJ’s Decision & Order with the NLRB in Washington,D.C. I filed an amicus brief in support of the positions taken by the District Council andThe Cement League. The NLRB accepted the amicus brief and the appeal is now fullysubmitted. The District Council’s special appellate counsel, Mr. Roth, will be assisting onthis matter should the NLRB rule against the District Council and further appeals to thisCourt or to an appropriate Court of Appeals are warranted.


*   There is no record of The CEMENT LEAGUE filing any brief with the ALJ or the NLRB Board in Washington D.C. and none appear on the record.

*   In fact, the NLRB reported that the CEMENT LEAGUE was apparently agnostic as to the outcome of this case which further shows that the entirety of the case is being driven and funded by outside sources.

*   The  CEMENT LEAGUE and their attorneys did not share joint authorship of any brief or amicus filed by the NYCDCC court appointed Independent Monitor, Glen McGorty and none appear on the record.