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— by Ted Ted

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Judge Berman Invites Comments on Full Mobility and Compliance Measures

On Wednesday, February 27, Judge Richard Berman reserved decision on the approval of the compliance provision for the Wall & Ceiling Contract to allow for full mobility within the collective bargaining agreement. Judge Berman’s approval is the final step in implementing the Delegate approved Wall & Ceiling contract.

As part of this proposed contract, members will get an increase in their wage and benefit package of $2.13 an hour upon implementation, plus annual bumps of $2.40. The wage and benefit package will rise to $99.16 at the end of the deal, from a current level of $85.03--a nearly 17% increase.

Judge Berman hasn't yet scheduled a future conference, but stated that he would accept written comments on this matter up to March 12, 2013.

To read the letter to Judge Berman from counsel to the NYCDC or the WC&C contract, or to write comments see below.

Written comments should be mailed or delivered to:
Hon. Richard M. Berman
United States District Judge
Daniel Patrick Moynihan
United States Courthouse
500 Pearl Street

So much for McFly's false statements to the NLRB in his amicus curie brief last November.
McGorty - ever try reading the 25-1/2 year Docket for the Criminal Racketeering. It's called getting up to speed bub, doing the necessary leg work to keep up with this complex case and its associated Labor Law issues, rulings, precedent decision & orders and the simple stuff like knowing if the members ever complained or responded to the Court regarding 100% Full Mobility; issues to which you readily admit having no experience or clue in.

So tell me, how the hell did the Federal District Court find you qualified and competent to take this position over?

You are obviously not competent to perform your duties as the court appointed Review Officer. I could do this job in my sleep as could a few other members who I won't name here - given the history of UBCJA Jersey & NYC Mobstyle beatings, stabbings, murders & swan dives off certain New York bridges, notwithstanding the criminal acts or actions of the UBCJA International and their thugs whom they employ to harass, threaten, coerce, bully and intimidate members including hiring private investigators, following people around and filming guys wives. You know what I'm saying McFly?