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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
""We" or "I" did not force the RO's removal as was claimed by TED."  You have no idea if Ted helped facilitate the departure of Walsh. It is well documented that he certainly did call out Walsh ,Berman the US Attorney and the rest of the crew for their violation of Federal and State law such as the NLRA violations the NLRB have now agreed were and are illegal. He was spot on when he was asking Why Berman and Walsh were not doing their job which was to babysit a consent decree and instead were trying to create Unionism according to their own opinions and willful violations of State and Federal Law.. Remember the Walsh and Bridget you lie and I will swear to it game. Despite your denial and perhaps straight out jealousy there WERE quite a few I(s) and We(s) challenging (1)Assessments whenever you felt like it and screw the LMRDA. (2)Forced Unionism and screw the NLRA (3)The Carpenters Reward Program and screw workers rights and NYS Law.(4) "Locals have outlived their Usefulness" and screw the Sec of Labor. There were I(s) and We(s) and and none of them included you.  

     How does your opinion on Ted and Walsh, however meaningless it may be, have anything to do with this person losing his benefits. I ask again why you never ever offer any help but continue with your speeches.