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Ok Sara - I posted a song to match the title of the piece posted by Miss Anonymous the author of this thread. Wow - Did you come up with this all by yourself? It certainly took you long enough to create this baseless conspiracy theory about telephones, computers, lawsuits, vaginas, speed dialing 911 and drinking. Congratulations! All you have done is shown the depravity of your wandering mind.

Ok, now lets stay focused on the problem here - the criminal activity of one Douglas J. McCarron and his partners in crime at the International and those folk he uses at the RO & USAO's office, the Federal District Court, the Dept. of Labor, EBSA etc. **

Try following the bouncing ball 'member' & remember - Don't run into Traffic after it unless you look both ways.  


** All suspects are guilty until proven innocent; crap, innocent until proven guilty in a corruption free court of law, or are they?