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— by RichardDorrough RichardDorrough
Lawsuit. I am confused. Your correct we want scum like dirty Doug(the "I shit ice cream" boy.) and Frankie Spencer in front of a Judge for looting the funds. Like diverting fund money to ULLICO by force which has $6.1 Billion of Union funds money and the $7.2 Billion to MEPTS Newtower and the 5.4 million in loans to "participants".... EIN 526218800. It would be great for a lawsuit to tell us WHO the participants are . Go look at the 5500 for ULLICO Seperate J and the $6.1 billion of Union fund money and the $5.4 million loss of fund money.EIN 13-1423090.Then after looting the funds conspiring to steal from retirees.We want the UBC returned to its members and these scum beetches, much like yourself, to answer for the good Union "commie" members they attacked and have harassed.

       Your such a spinless bitch you dont have the courage to run your mouth using your own name on a blog and your giving speeches on tough guys. Like your leader Dirty Doug your a spinless little beetch that talks big and doesnt have the guts to do so in person. If you ever grow a set of balls, and I dont mean the UBC ones in your mouth, My name is Richard Dorrough. I live at 303 North 2nd Ave Mechanicville NY. Come run your mouth to my face instead of being a pussie on a blog. Maybe you can come up and meet a couple other Albany UBC punks that talk form hiding like you, Mike Shanahahn and Chris Dugan. You can hang out at the Hibernian and tell each other what tough guys you are and cry in your beer because you wish you had a penis instead of a vagina between your legs.