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Honestly. Your an International Union. Your NYC EST is now a Federal Prisoner after the International fought for years to keep him in office. The union should do a better job of rooting out people like that.Your entire NYC organization,and if they started looking at NJ they would be as well, is under a consent decree forever because the Union is made up of rat scum and criminals year after year after year. Your International leaders,Doug McCarron,Frank Spencer Capelli and Silins are bonifide pussies, McCarron takes down $545,000 a year plus 21% in his pension,collects a tools pension, steals from his members funds by ordering the diversion billions to scams such as ULLICO, Maqquarie and the scum Richard Blum in direct violation of his fiduciary duty under ERISA. He write letters to congress telling them to change ERISA so he and his pals can continue to steal and rob the funds . Yes sireee  you are right "The union should do a better job of rooting out people like that"   FU