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Here is a reality check for you stop over at 303 North 2nd Ave Mechaniciville NY and see how out of a shape I am... And for the record no UBC no scum bag at the Union hall got me jobs.  I solicited, interviewed own got my own and and kept my own jobs. I was not related to any UBC Rep scum and I never go no my knees for any UBC rep scum so I got my own jobs.And for your info you spinless punk. Here is how it goes  folded arms stance  arrogant know it all shows up on the job day 1 as a carpenter. Day 4 as a 2nd shift foreman. Day 8 replaced a NYC UBC piece of shyte as General foreman. Day 14 made asst Super and day 21 Job Supervisor with the UBC Union hall Reps sucking my sack on a daily basis. You cant tell Tell stories in person because your afraid to come face some old 60 year old man. How pathetic.