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Re: McCarrron and Spencer are seizing NJ Pension Fund
— by Ethics Ethics
I believe what is hurting you the most, is whether or not Mike McCarron asked you to support his legal battle against the general president, who happens to be his brother Doug, who illegally terminated his little brother, on trumped up charges in UBC kangaroo court, by creating the "Brother Mike McCarron" website.

Did he ask you? OR: did you do it on your own, to right yet another wrong, infiltrated by the tyrannical general president, against a fellow brother?

  Another question is whether or not Mike McCarron gave you permission to plagiarize statements from his "STAND WITH MIKE" website.
"It is a shame that a personal matter between brothers Mike McCarron and Doug McCarron (general president), which started in December of 2011, and escalated after the death of their mother in May 2013, has lead to an abuse of power by the General President and his Executive Board. This abuse resulted in false charges, improper use of emergency supervision, and the ultimate firing of EST Mike McCarron".

  I am asking you these tough questions to put to rest once and for all, the question of the nature of your relationship with Mike McCarron.