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— by Steward Steward
The council is planning on moving the school, claiming we need a new state of the art school, claiming that  a state of the art school is more important than members being able to actually attend classes. This is being pushed by the dockbuilders who drive to most of their jobs and so are not concerned with the subway commute that the rest of us are going to be stuck with. I don't know about anyone else but if I have to go to Brooklyn or Queens for a class I am looking at a three hour trip to get home, Anyone living  in New Jersey is just screwed. All of this while ignoring  the simple  fact that our lord was pounding nails with a hammer 2,000 years ago, same as we do today and and he didn't need anything state of the art back then either.
And if that wasn't bad enough, the accountants have told them that we cannot afford their high salaries, so the are also moving the district council to the outer boroughs, I guess when they have to choose between their bloated salaries and the working stiffs who pay those salaries, we just never had a chance.
What I have to wonder is if they are actually working hard to sell us out, because everything they do seems to hurt the working guys, not help us.