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Eliot Bernstein • 3 years ago
Matt ~ Please, allow me to retort. This article fails to call for two important things, a CRIMINAL/CIVIL RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) and a FULL RECOVERY of the estimated 47 TRILLION of LOOT STOLEN from the American People and People of the World by these CRIMINALS, please do stop calling them bankers. This reporting you are doing is like arriving at the crime scene of a bank, seeing the bank robbers rob the bank, chasing them down and then getting all the details of the crime and reporting on that, while saying goodbye to the bankers and paying them fifty dollars for their time as they cart of the Peoples monies.
Investigative Reporting on this matter would require you to first call the Police and detaining the suspects if you could and certainly demanding that the Police detain them and FREEZE THEIR ASSETS and CONFISCATE ALL THEIR STOLEN LOOT IN HAND and then SEIZE/AUCTION THEIR ASSETS to cover any shortfall. Yet, suspect, is the lack of such call from you. Kind of like saying, here is how they did it folks, here is whom they are, here is how much they stole and there they go. Oops, we forgot to ask for EVERY LAST CENT back from them or DEMAND THE DOJ PUT THEM IN PRISON for Market Rigging, Price Fixing, Antitrust Violations, Document Forgery and more, all forms of Economic Warfare, which is also a crime of EUGENICS.
Eugenics you say, how can that be, well all those folks who have lost say 50% of their home values or been foreclosed on or lost their companies and jobs and pensions, well they are suicidal and homeless and despondent, not from Organic Economics but from F***ING CRIME. Yet, your article tells them they are forever at a lost and the crooks got away with it (or are rewriting laws to make it ok or buying AG’s to work for them), not to get REVENGE, in the form of a DEMAND FOR CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS and more importantly a DEMAND FOR RECOVERY OF ALL THEIR FAT AS* BONUSES and ALL THEIR PERSONAL ASSETS and ALL THEIR TRUST FUNDS and ALL THEIR OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS and on and on. Then these bankers will need a bailout from CLUB FED PRISON and with all the RECOVERED LOOT, the world will be back in financial black overnight and the CRIMES WILL CEASE. DO NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE THE LAWYERS IN THE RICO for they orchestrated these crimes and financial WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and keep in mind that most of the CEO bonuses are to LAWYERS running, I mean ruining these companies. Therefore, the lawyers and accountants must be defendants in the RICO and put out of business and charged with drafting all these toxic frauds and their ASSETS SEIZED and their PARTNERS and PARTNERSHIPS destroyed.
Finally, please stop referring to the crime of DOCUMENT FORGERY AND BANK FRAUD, two very serious FELONY CHARGES, which would put lots of lawyers and judges in PRISON too, as Robosigning, which is not even a word, let alone a felony with a 20yr sentence. If you or I Robosigned aka DOCUMENT FORGERY and committed BANK FRAUD for a 10,000 loan we would be sitting in Prison for 20 yrs, as the banks remember prosecute these crimes to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW and thus the PEOPLE should DEMAND EQUAL JUSTICE…what’s good for the goose… So where are our PROSECUTORS and JUDGES, more lawyers, and why are they not busy filing a RICO on the largest financial crime and criminal organization in the world??? Why are they instead working for the bankers drafting GET OF JAIL FREE CARDS and holding the door open and their pockets out? NOT A SINGLE PRISON SENTENCE and they allow the criminals to KEEP ALL THE BOOTY, except a small fine, a day’s interest on the STOLEN BOOTY, yet where oh where is Matt Taibbi to DEMAND THE LOOT BACK and trail the money like a GREAT REPORTER would? Have you sold out Matt? I mean really I thought at this point with all those soliloquies of Vampire Squids (aka CRIMINALS) you would be writing how the PROSECUTORS and AG’s who sign any deal should be arrested for AIDING AND ABETTING A CRIMINAL RICO ORG, Imagine AG’s not preparing a RICO but drafting the settlement for the criminals free of CRIMINAL CHARGES or SEIZING THE ILLEGAL ILL GOTTEN GAINS from their CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.
Can you hear any longer Matt, the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF FAMILIES AND CHILDREN whose lives destroyed? Barely able to eat at night or feed or cloth the kids, the cities failing around them that you cite, yes Matt, all those people in the world markets and countries are very real people, crying. Wondering, how the THREE BRANCHES OF GOV have failed and CONSPIRE TO HARM THEM and FAIL TO PROTECT THEM and their last hope is the Right Arm of Anarchy, the PRESS, YOU and when reading this article I fear you have lost hearing them and are reporting for the criminals and in your face to the readers who need your RALLYING CRY FOR THEIR MONEY BACK AND THE RESPONSIBLE IN PRISON. The only way for the US and WORLD to survive this debacle of crime is for JUSTICE to be RESTORED by ObamaRenegOrama and Eric HoldOff Holder, if they fail to do their jobs, arrest them too for their failure to PROSECUTE FELONY CRIMINAL ACTS and instead benefiting from them by AIDING AND ABETTING and PAYOLA. Matt, when you get a forensic accountant to help your reporting, who howls “SHOW ME THE MONEY” and then demand a REAL LIFE PROSECUTOR scoop up their RUGS, THREE HOUSES, COMPANIES and wives, well then I will know you are really a PRESS FOR THE PEOPLE, not a half as* crime story writer.
Eliot Ivan Bernstein
US Inventor   (in the comments section )